Multi-zone control system

The wise choice for add-on zoning

When it comes to air conditioning, the demand for flexible zoning grows larger every day. Unfortunately, a lot of imported air conditioning units do not come with great zoning options, which is where Zonewise comes in.  

The Zonewise series is a multi-zone control system that allows you to upgrade an existing air conditioner by adding up to 8 zones, which you can then individually control in line with your desired comfort setting. Able to control both 24V and 240V zone dampers, Zonewise can make your existing air conditioning system more controllable and comfortable than ever before.

Wide range of included features

Zonewise comes with a host of features:

  • Customised label inserts
  • Optional 2nd or 3rd wall control
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Allows you to choose between the ‘One Zone Must Stay On’ or ‘All Off’ settings
  • Plug and play system that auto-detects connected zone barrels (24V models only)
  • Blue LED zone indicators