Three Phase Soft Starter

Reliable performance at a reduced start current.

Engineered to perform

The Three Phase Soft Starter has been designed to reduce the inrush current to below 45 amps on each phase of the compressor, ensuring it complies with Energy Authority regulations. This reduces the mains interference, which can affect both the owners of the equipment and neighbouring consumers.  This interference typically shows up as a “light flicker”, but can extend to the interruption of computers and other electronic devices.

The Three Phase Soft Starter uses a combination of new technologies to ensure reliable performance at a reduced start current, with an on-board LED that indicates the current status operation for easy servicing.

Its smart design means that it can dramatically reduce compressor starting and stopping noise, and can reduce interference or light flicker caused from other electrical products.

Wide range of included features

The Three Phase Soft Starter comes with a host of great features, including:

  • Self-adjusts to the motor current – one model suits all
  • Limits starting current to 45amps (can be customised)
  • Built-in anti cycle timer
  • Built-in fault code display for easy trouble shooting
  • EU electrical compliance
  • Automatic adjustment to motor current means there is no need to individually calibrate on installation
  • Compressor start up noise reduced by up to 50%
  • Reduces light flicker caused by excess inrush current
  • One model covers a wide range of compressors
  • Onboard fault diagnosis & motor protection modes make servicing easy