Proudly Australian owned and made.

Since 1992, the ActronControls team has been providing premium controls and components to the Australian HVAC industry, with our specialist knowledge earning us a reputation for innovation, quality, and performance. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, our systems are made with Australia’s unique requirements in mind.
With a dedication to integrated control systems, ActronControls extensive product range provides a lot more than just thermostat controls.


T Series

Simplicity & flexibility at its best.

B Series

Simplicity & flexibility at its best.

BM7 & BM24

Easy to install replacement controllers.


Easy to operate replacement Commercial controller.

Zone Control


Multi-zone control system.

The LE75 Series

Independent zone control.


D3 Defrost Control

Electronic De-ice Control.

D7 Condenser Management System

The complete Electronic Condenser Control solution.

SS9 Single Phase Soft Starter

The smart and reliable single phase soft starter.

Three Phase Soft Starter

Reliable performance at a reduced start current.