D7 Condenser Management System

The complete Electronic Condenser Control solution

The stand-out, stand-alone Condenser Control

The D7 Condenser Management System has been designed to provide the complete condenser management solution for air-cooled heat pumps, providing users with a modern retrofit management board. 

The D7 was developed with compatibility in mind, interfacing with the major thermostat Brands. Finally, it features a design that minimises wiring by providing all of the 240V connections the HP/LP safeties, compressor contactor, 4 way valve, condenser fan, and control fuse.

Wide range of included features

The D7 comes with a host of great features, including:

  • Stand alone controller for 24V or 240V thermostats
  • Standard wiring and mounting plate for ease of installation
  • Single speed or three speed outdoor fan for pressure control
  • Defrost control features, hold off time, confirmation time
  • Terminates defrost on time and/or temperature
  • Residual water removal and indoor coil pre-heat cycle
  • Compressor anti-cycle protection
  • System lockout after 3 safety trips within 45 mins
  • Service features