D3 Defrost Control

Electronic De-ice Control

Designed to fit in

The simple to use D3 Defrost Control is intended to be uses as a stand-alone Electronic De-ice Controller, and has been specifically engineered to fit the footprint of many OEM defrost/de-ice controls. This flexible design means you can save time and money on installation.

It also means it is the ideal replacement for many of the old style mechanical or electronic defrost controls that may have failed or cannot be repaired due to age or availability. By keeping the same Din rail mounting footprint and maintaining the same wiring as the older style electronic defrost controls, it means that when installing the D3 there is no need to rewire or rearrange the electrical panels of the condenser, saving time and money.

Built in features to keep your system safe

The D3 Defrost Control comes with built-in safety features designed to prevent damage to the condensing coil in the unlikely event of a sensor failure.

These features allow the following:

  • If the coil temperature sensor is faulty, the de-ice operation will default to the selected de-ice pending time (i.e. if 30 minutes de-ice pending time is selected, a defrost cycle will occur every 33 minutes (30 minutes running time & 3 minutes confirm time) for 10 minutes, regardless of coil temperature
  • If no de-ice pending time is selected, it will default to 20 minutes de-ice pending time
  • If more than one de-ice pending time is selected, the longest de-ice pending time will be used
  • If no Run/Test mode is selected, it will default to Run mode