The Hotel Series of Controllers.

The complete solution for hotel room comfort control.

Proudly Australian Owned & Made

Since 1992, the ActronControls team has been providing premium controls and components to Australian hotels, with our specialist knowledge earning us a reputation for innovation, quality, and performance. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, our products are made with Australia’s unique requirements in mind.

With a dedication to integrated control systems, ActronControls can provide you with a lot more than just thermostat controls

Controlling comfort, made easy.

When it comes to controlling comfort in a hotel room, often times too many choices can be a bad thing – The last thing you want is for your guests to be confused by the controller, leaving them frustrated and uncomfortable.

In many cases, all they need is a simple controller that allows them to turn the system on and off, and set their desired comfort level. Nothing less, nothing more.

There will be times you will prefer to automate the whole process. Not a problem – using sensors or a room key, you can set the system up so that it is automated to turn on at a specific temperature without your guests having to do a thing!

Speak to us today about how our range of simple and user friendly control options can make life easier for you and your guests.

The T-Series solution for premium hotel room control.

With a full colour touchscreen featuring a premium, easy to use design, the T-Series was developed with flexibility and compatibility in mind. Its integrated design comes with a range of popular control functions enabled, including Room Key Card On/Off, Window Switch On/Off, Door Switch & Occupancy Sensor Inputs (PIR), and Remote On/Off, and is also BMS compatible.*

Furthermore, its single relay board allows for an easy and simple installation, with no need for additional modules or complicated extra wiring.

  • Full colour touch screen with colour options to match a wide range of room décors
  • Premium user interface that is easy to use and simple to navigate
  • Choice of black or white fascia
  • Option to customise fascia with hotel logo
  • Included single relay board allows for ease of wiring without additional modules, making installation and maintenance clean and simple

The B-Series solution for easy to use comfort control.

When it comes to picking the right control solution, we know that every hotel has their own specific needs.

That’s why we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our B-Series controller. Rather than simply offering 

 a one-size-fits-all product, we prefer to take the time to understand your requirements and work with you to ensure you get the right solution.

We can customise the B-Series to provide a host of different functions – the choice is yours. And it does so with an elegant, simple design that makes controlling comfort a breeze.

Some of the many features available include:

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