The BM7 & BM24 Controllers.

Easy to install replacement controllers.

Designed with installers in mind.

The BM7 and BM24 controllers have been developed to satisfy the needs of installers, technicians and end users alike.

It is an easy to fit replacement controller suitable for many brands of air conditioners found in homes around Australia.

Featuring a simple design, both the BM7 and BM24 have been developed to provide easy operation, with controls in plain English, and an attractive and easy to view LCD display.

Packed with features.

Both the BM7 and BM24 come with a huge range of features, including:

  • Integral sensor & sensor calibration
  • Remote sensor options & averaging
  • Programmable 7 Day 4 event time clock (*BM7 only)
  • Adjustable 24Hr countdown timer
  • 4 or 8 zones option
  • Sensor tracking
  • Pre-heat delay or pre-heat sensor option
  • Remote start/stop
  • Auto / Continuous / Ventilation Control fan modes
  • Auto / Heat / Cool temperature modes
  • Switching differentials / dead band
  • Temperature set point range limits
  • Reverse valve on heat or cool
  • Add-on cool
  • Dual wall control option (*Using a BM24 wall controller)